When making food, it is always preferable to buy the best quality you can afford, there is often a budget or saver range, a mid-range and premium range of own brand products and a range of branded products, with Flour we recommend using mid-range or above, simply because the budget flour is generally only good for making rough cakes* or batter. We tend to use Morrisons own brand bread flour, it is (at present) only 80p a bag, it is 1.5kg and will make three loaves or 9-12 pizza bases.

Many own brand products are of exactly the same quality as the more expensive brands so please do not be put off by using an own brand.

There are many different types of flour:

  • Strong Flour for making bread or croissants
  • Plain Flour for making pastry
  • Self-Raising Flour for making cakes
  • Spelt Flour, ’00’ Flour & Other Specialty Flours for making Bread, Pasta and Pastries
  • Corn Flour for making sauces or gluten free meals
  • Rice Flour for gluten free cooking

With this said, we tent to use a mixture of Flour, for example, a purist would say Strong Flour is only for making bread…. well it is true, it has a high gluten content which makes it ideal for bread, but I use it for making Gingerbread (which despite the name is not bread but a biscuit) as it holds better together. While we are talking about Flour, Self-Rasing Flour makes great pastry too… It is great for Puff and Flaky Pastry.

We recommend using Free Range Eggs and that eggs should always be used at room temperature for best results. The fresher the egg, the more lift your cake will have.