1 Litre of ORGANIC soya milk
1 Sachet of Nigari (Calcium Chloride) or the juice of half a lemon or lime

Tofu Press (see below)
Muslin Cloth

Heat the soya milk to 80oC (do not guess! Use a thermometer)
Turn off the heat stir the milk and add the nigari or lemon juice.
Cover the pan (with lid or a plate) and leave for 5 minutes.
Place the cloth into the tofu press, remove the lid from the pan and put the spoon in to see if the soya milk has curdled (separated) if it has not, add more lemon juice.
Pour the curdled soya milk into the muslin cloth, bit by but allowing the water to drain away.
Once all the curds are in the cloth, fold the cloth over and gently squeeze out the water.
Allow to cool, then it is ready.

We use a professional tofu press (bought from which is also where we bought the nigari.
You can make a tofu press by cleaning and making holes in a margarine tub, because the plastic is thin you may need to use three tubs inside one another. Cut the lid so that it will act as a plunger to push down the tofu.

You can add herbs or vegetable stock powder to the curds (do not add to uncurdled milk as it may not curdle).

Top Tip:
Only use organic soya milk as non-organic soya milk contains chemicals that prevent the milk from coagulating (curdling).