Believe it or not, it is quite easy to adapt many things to be vegan, dairy free or egg free.

  • Soya Milk is a perfect alternative to dairy milk in almost everything, you can use rice or oat milk, it is not really as versatile as soya milk. Soya milk makes excellent white sauce, custard, semolina pudding, rice pudding and I even use it in bread and for making Tofu.
  • Tofu is a really good substitute for Meat or Quorn, it is really a good carrier for flavours, it can be marinaded to take on a whole host of aromas. Home made Tofu can have herbs and vegetables added to it too.
  • All vegetarian jellies are also vegan, so you can make trifles and of course jelly and ice cream too!
  • Bread most bread is vegan, if it isn’t it is easy to make your own!
  • Eggs are a bit more complicated, mainly because they have so many different functions within each recipe. For example in a cake they are a raising agent, a source of moisture and also they are an emulsifier (they let fat and water mix together). To replace the raising agent, extra baking powder may be used, for moisture use water or soya milk and for emulsifier use Xantham gum. Commercial egg replacer is made of Tapioca starch or Potato starch with Xantham gum. Egg replacer is very good but it takes practise to get it right.