1. 500g strong white flour
  2. 1 tsp salt
  3. 50g light brown sugar
  4. 1½ tsp dried yeast
  5. 75g margarine or butter, softened
  6. 200ml milk (or soya)
  7. 2 free-range eggs, beaten (or 12g of egg replacer with 50ml soya milk)
  8. Flavourless oil, for oiling
  1. Mix together the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl. Crumble in the fresh yeast (or stir in the dried yeast). Rub the softened butter into the flour mixture with your fingertips until there are no large lumps of butter. (It does not have to be as fine as breadcrumbs, as you would do with a crumble.)
  2. Make a well in the flour mixture. Warm the milk a little (30oC) then into the well and crack in the eggs. Bring the dough together with your hands. This is quite a soft and very sticky dough.
  3. Knead for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Put the dough in an oiled bowl, cover with a cling film or a damp tea towel and leave to prove for about 80-90 mins.
Belgian Buns
  1. You will need a jar of Lemon Curd and some sultanas or raisins (we use both).
  2. Roll the dough out into a large rectangle, about 6 or 7 mm thickness, cover the dough with lemon curd (leaving 3 cm on one of the longest edges without curd) and sprinkle with the fruit.
  3. Roll the dough up, leaving the bare end to last, roll tightly, when you get to the end of the roll, the bare end will stick the whole roll together.
  4. Slice the roll into 3 cm (or thicker if you desire) slices and place on a baking tray (with greaseproof paper). Remember they will double in size, so leave a good gap between them! Leave to prove for an hour or so (they will double in size).
  5. Bake until golden brown (about 20 mins at 170)
Chelsea Buns
  1. Make as belgian bun, but use a mixture of butter (or margarine) with brown sugar and cinnamon as the spread (about 100g fat to 50g sugar and add spice as desired) then sprinkle with currants or raisins.
  1. Belgian Buns are traditionally iced with water icing or fondant with a cherry on top!
  2. Water icing is warm water with icing sugar added.
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